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07th November 2014
The weather has got the better of me and winter has arrived. The cold dry sunny days of autumn didn't arrive and in the last days of my journey ending in Scotland, it rained continuous for 48hrs and more stormy weather was to arrive in the next few days so the forecast said. The colours of autumn were gavering pace and I scouted a few great locations just had to wait for the weather and it didn't come my way. There's always next year, which i planned to do but not planned the route but most probably will contain Scotland in my plans. Meantime as I slowly edit and upload the last six months of images I hope to inbetween travel down to Cornwall and Dorset when the weather permits me to do so. But there's always local locations and look forward to stormy beach weather, hopefully not as bad as we got it in 2013.

Today changed the website around and tidied up the galleries and uploaded to the "Lastest images" portfolio and will slowly upload more, so checking-in regularly.