My travelling camera

21st July 2014
News from on my travels around the United Kingdom which i started in late March heading down the North Cornwall coast with very fine weather finding great inspirations in such beautiful surroundings. Slowly remembering all the places as a child that my parents took me to was a joy, so strange that we can remember so much when we see a view never seen for awhile. When i reached the tip off Cornwall on the 17th of April i made my way around the south coast then with a break in the weather which was going to last 5 days decided that Dartmoor could hold even more inspiration. It did with the ever fast changing weather that you can be with being on the moor, after the bad weather faded away no way was i going to miss the spender so a little wait for the surprise of the bluebells at Elmworthy Farm field. With the fine conditions again started on course heading towards Dorset from where i left the south coast. Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is known as The Jurassic Coast and covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline the inspiration to find something different to capture is not far away.

With a short break to revalueate the images i have captured i head for the Quantock and Memdip Hills of Somerset. All new surroundings here and have plenty of subjects to explore and scout for possible images. With spring taking a firm hold the landscape changes fast to fields of a green colour and the land grows all new things in the fields on the hills high above the coastline. As i drive up to the Breacon Beacons i hear on the radio the weather is changing and for the worst. It's wet and the cloud low i spend time scouting for places and climbing the vast black mountains on the Beacons. My luck not changing here and poor weather is not helping the weather just isn't right for me. I have a some sort of plan and a diary to stick to and must move on the last sunset and sunrise helps to capture the spender of the mountains. I pack up and make the drive up to the National Park of Snowdonia, just the drive is not the normal drive with breath taking views everywhere you look, it takes longer than planned but that me i keep on stopping for the wiews and the weather to changing for the better. My first night here and the light was wonderful i capture a small waterfall on the spur of the moment. I think my luck is changing next morning i go to a spot i scouted on the drive way up and as the sunrises the national park awakens, i'm in ore........