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New Canvas Size
14th May 2018
Today uploaded some more new images to the latest page. Added a in size to the canvas range 44" x 12" to suit the new Croyde Beach Panorama image. These canvases are produced in the exactly same way as all the others using a premium heavyweight canvas of 340g with 38 mm deep European pine stretcher frame bars, printed with a Canon Pro 2000 24" large format printer using Canon Pro inks and finished with a layer of clear coat laminate producing vibrant colours and image quality.

Examples below (taken with a iphone)

Social Media
20th February 2018
If wish to visit my social media page please click on the relevant link or the small icons at the bottom right of any page on this website. Thank you

Social Media
19th February 2018
If wish to visit my social media page please click on the relevant link or the small icons at the bottom right of any page on this website. Thank you

Panorama Canvases
14th February 2018
I've been producing and selling Panorama canvases at The South Molton Market's for a while and are very popular. These canvases are produced using a premium heavyweight canvas of 340g with 38 mm deep European pine stretcher frame bars, printed with a Canon Pro 2000 24" large format printer using Canon Pro inks and finished with a layer of clear coat laminate producing vibrant colours and image quality. The panorama canvases measures 36" x 12" inches and are £45ea.

Examples below (taken with a iphone)

Landacre Bridge, Exmoor.

Simonsbath Valley, Exmoor.
New Craft Show & Xmas
17th October 2017
I will be attending the South Molton Market every Saturday from 30th of Nov 2017, this show is in the bounds of Exmoor National Park so with this special show I will be displaying my Exmoor prints.

As summer is over, I'm thinking towards xmas and specially shows. I've booked to attend in Xmas 2017 the following:-

Winter Wonderland on 1st of Dec at South Molton Market.

Braunton Xmas Bash on 2nd of Dec at The Carpark, Braunton.

Connect and Create on 3rd of Dec at Barnstaple Pannier Market.

Big Sheep Craft Fair on 9th, 16th and 23rd at The Big Sheep, Bideford.

Sunday xmas shopping Market on 17th and 24th of Dec at Barnstaple Pannier Market.

Ilfracombe Landmark every Wednesday from the 25th of Nov.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year and hopefully see you at any of the shows I attend in 2018.
New Large Canvases
18th August 2017
I now have started to produce canvases in-house using my new Canon Large Format Printer. They are now available in two different sizes, the largest is at 54" x 36" inches split into 3 panels and a smaller size of 36" x 24" inches split in to 3 panels. These canvases are produced using a premium heavyweight canvas of 340g with 38 mm deep European pine stretcher frame bars and printed with a Canon Pro 2000 24" large format printer using Canon Pro inks producing vibrant colours and image quality.

Any landscape image could be produced on a 3 panel canvas from this website and prices for the large 54" x 36" 3 Panel canvas is £105 each and the smaller 36" x 24" 3 Panel canvas is £75 each, p&p is extra and is £16 for each set of canvases.

If you have seen the large canvases at any of the shows that i've attended, then you will know how good the canvas quality with image quality and vibrant colours make these canvases so inviting. If you haven't seen them pop along to anyone of the shows i do and see for yourself.

14th June 2017
I now have started to produce canvases in-house using my new Canon Large Format Printer. They will be available in the size 18" x 12" and be produced using premium heavyweight canvas of 340g with 38 mm deep European pine stretcher frame bars and printed with Canon Pro inks at 1440dpi producing vibrant colours and image quality.

Buying option is listed within the "buy now" button and are £30.00 each + posting/packing.

A small selection of handmade Canvas produced in-house.

Printing Changes
15th May 2017
March 2017 has arrived and for this year i've purchased my own Canon large format printer, so most of my printing will be done in house (up to 24"). This is to ensure quality but most of all to cut down lead times to customers (before a week or so) and that i don't have to be in all day to make sure i receive a parcel.

If you would like so know more about the Canon Printer, please click on the below link.
New event for 2016
18th April 2016
I have just added another craft show that i will be attending this year. This new show and is at The Landmark Theatre Iltracombe from the 10th of June to 2nd of August. A vast section of North Devon images in various sizes will be on display. Come along and pop in if your in Ilfracombe on friday's the dates stated.
More images uploaded
04th April 2016
More images added to Exmoor section, these images were taken in February when a cold spell in weather hit the moor for a week or so, I really like the moor in winter. It's when it's barrenness and expansive of the moor comes to life, but at this time of year very little life or growth happens. But now as we head into spring looking i'm forward to the new life and colour on the moor.
Winter is over...
24th March 2016
With gentle spring days now have arrived in late March, looking forward hopefully to some misty mornings on Exmoor and other local places. I managed to stay up on the moor for just over a week at the end of February and was lucky enough to have a light covering of snow on the highest points with some heavy frosts on the other days. Easter Bank holiday is in a few days and just preparing the collection of images for the first Croyde village hall craft market. Have added a few new images today around the website and deleted some older images with web space limits not all of my images can go on the site. If you want to know anything photography or about a certain image, feel free to contact me via the contact area or my facebook page.
Exmoor Calendar
22nd October 2015
Feel very honoured and privilege to have a image choosen to be in this years printed exmoor calendar, a competition organised through facebook.
The competition was open from 1 Jan - 31 August 2015. With the following rules that:- Entrants can submit up to 3 pictures each month. Every month, all entries will be posted on Exmoor4all to allow the public to vote for their favourites. The top 10 pictures each month are then submitted for final judging, by a selected panel of judges, who will decide on their top 13 pictures. These 13 pictures will be published in the Exmoor4All 2016 Calendar.

Click on the link to purchase the Exmoor4all 2015 Calendar via Exmoor4all website.

Exmoor White Stuff was one of the 13 images to win. A bright sunny early morning's light creates long shadows on fresh fallen snow on heightest points of Exmoor, Devon. Taken 14th of Jan 2015.

New Gallery
13th February 2015
A new gallery located at North Devon Arena & Family Skate Centre with a selection of local Devon images in both print and canvas formats to view and are available to purchase at special introductory prices.

North Devon Arena is located at Lundy View, Mullacott Cross Industrial Estate, Ilfracombe, Devon Ex34 8pl.
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Latest images
07th November 2014
The weather has got the better of me and winter has arrived. The cold dry sunny days of autumn didn't arrive and in the last days of my journey ending in Scotland, it rained continuous for 48hrs and more stormy weather was to arrive in the next few days so the forecast said. The colours of autumn were gavering pace and I scouted a few great locations just had to wait for the weather and it didn't come my way. There's always next year, which i planned to do but not planned the route but most probably will contain Scotland in my plans. Meantime as I slowly edit and upload the last six months of images I hope to inbetween travel down to Cornwall and Dorset when the weather permits me to do so. But there's always local locations and look forward to stormy beach weather, hopefully not as bad as we got it in 2013.

Today changed the website around and tidied up the galleries and uploaded to the "Lastest images" portfolio and will slowly upload more, so checking-in regularly.
Look towards 2015
06th October 2014
With this all new portfolio of images taken on this vacation and selected past prints I will be planning to exhibit my images. I do strongly beleive that a print gives the eye-holder more subject and depth than any other means.

One on one full/half day tuition workshop classes for the beginners or enthusiast will be starting early 2015.

Thanks again more updates soon, Richard.
A camera that travels
05th October 2014
Well here it is October, and the colours of autumn are slowly coming here in Scotland. But it's been along time since i last wrote on the blog so lets get up to date. Last time I wrote, I was just starting to explore Snowdonia National Park for the first time
and oh boy! what a place. With towering black mountains and deep lakes that appear dark and cold even in the sunniest of days gives it truly ore experience. To start off with the weather is good to me, and then perhaps gets to good something like beach weather!. It's hard work climbing and scouting for places with weather this good, to good very little cloud and a constant breeze turns the big lakes in to big ripples and not the reflection perfect loving stillness that can produce a wonderful image. On a cloudly morning for the "hell of it" i walk up Snowdon, doing a return journey via the Watkins Way path in five and a half hours. But has all things change so did the weather to rain! and lots of it, which did in turn make the streams in to roaring lanes of white fluid quickly filling the deep lakes. Over the two months i was there even with the weather changes i managed to travel most of the park from Bangor at the north to Mawddach estaury to the south, Bala Lake to the east. With the big plan of things i must move on and move on to.....

The Lake Disrict, where it rains apparently! I've been here before along time ago before i took up photography. Now i can "see a picture and know abit how to get it" (as I put it) i'm hoping it's like a all new experience. I spend my time around the town Keswick and scouting for images involving The Derwent and Ullswater lakes. The weather is not bad but it is August so I managed to get those lovely reflections on such large lakes. Happy with the project so far I decide to get supplies and head up to Scotland.

Scotland all new to me, and I head for Loch Lomond National Park and spend a week or so scouting and getting my general bearings of the place. With the weather a constant cloudiness and thinking I can use this info on my way back for the autumn change i take the long but so wonderful drive up to Isle of Skye. I stop of at Glen Coe for a couple of days and manage to get the camera out for a few exposures of the beautiful surroundings as the weather brightens up. I get the best weather they have ever had on
Isle of Skye two weeks of perfect weather, little misty for a couple days in between but i'm told it's very good. And it's good, I travel the whole of the isle but do i go further up, island hopping or travel back down again? I travel back down through the Black mountains and make my way over to Rannock Moor with the weather turning wet i hold on for five days hoping it's going to change due to finding a nice scout but the weather's doesn't change good enough. So i head over to Pitlochry/Aberfeldy and start scouting for the autumn colours. There's plenty of woods with mixed tree species here with rivers, streams and waterfalls inbetween them. If it dosen't get to cold in the longer evening nights I should be able to stay long enough.

I'm guessing that your now saying, yep but where are the images of these wonderful places you keep on mentioning. The laptop screen isn't a good one so i'm keeping the images for when i can process them on my desktop pc, but looking to travel back home in three weeks time or so, not a long wait folks.

Thanks for looking at the website and reading my news blog. Rich
My travelling camera
21st July 2014
News from on my travels around the United Kingdom which i started in late March heading down the North Cornwall coast with very fine weather finding great inspirations in such beautiful surroundings. Slowly remembering all the places as a child that my parents took me to was a joy, so strange that we can remember so much when we see a view never seen for awhile. When i reached the tip off Cornwall on the 17th of April i made my way around the south coast then with a break in the weather which was going to last 5 days decided that Dartmoor could hold even more inspiration. It did with the ever fast changing weather that you can be with being on the moor, after the bad weather faded away no way was i going to miss the spender so a little wait for the surprise of the bluebells at Elmworthy Farm field. With the fine conditions again started on course heading towards Dorset from where i left the south coast. Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is known as The Jurassic Coast and covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline the inspiration to find something different to capture is not far away.

With a short break to revalueate the images i have captured i head for the Quantock and Memdip Hills of Somerset. All new surroundings here and have plenty of subjects to explore and scout for possible images. With spring taking a firm hold the landscape changes fast to fields of a green colour and the land grows all new things in the fields on the hills high above the coastline. As i drive up to the Breacon Beacons i hear on the radio the weather is changing and for the worst. It's wet and the cloud low i spend time scouting for places and climbing the vast black mountains on the Beacons. My luck not changing here and poor weather is not helping the weather just isn't right for me. I have a some sort of plan and a diary to stick to and must move on the last sunset and sunrise helps to capture the spender of the mountains. I pack up and make the drive up to the National Park of Snowdonia, just the drive is not the normal drive with breath taking views everywhere you look, it takes longer than planned but that me i keep on stopping for the wiews and the weather to changing for the better. My first night here and the light was wonderful i capture a small waterfall on the spur of the moment. I think my luck is changing next morning i go to a spot i scouted on the drive way up and as the sunrises the national park awakens, i'm in ore........